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Gravel series equpment

     The thid generation makes girt machine(PXJ comminutuon machine or sandstone crusher) is that my expert of company makes girt equipments combining with the achinvement that Chinese working condition designs most newly, the high-performance being at present domestic exclusive turun out have advanced world level. The dam builds that machine specifically for the express highway, high speed railway, tower, municipal administration, water and electricity, the concrete stirs  a station providing high grade sandstone aggregate, the head being that the manpower makes the girt and building stones shaping a field chooses equipment.

     Equipment invests in that system girt machine being equipped  with 35% lower than equal scale tradition handictaft 50%, outputs efficiency overtoping the equal scale tradition handicraft being equipped with 35%-50%(takes chalk as example: 5mms account for a finished product size above 85%). The cost long-time running is kept in repair is equipped with 35% lower than equal scale tradition handicraft 50%, broad apply to the the mechanism girt production line, cement, are able to bear industry such as material, metallurgy. 

Gravel series equpmentGravel series equpment