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mineral processing production line
mineral processing production line
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Antimony ore dressing production line

Antimony ore dressing production line

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1.  Hand-picked method


   Antimony ore hand-picked method based on differences of antimony minerals and gangue in color, luster, shape, and this dressing method is relatively primitive, labor-intensive, but can produce large size high quality antimony concentrate ore, can reduce ore dressing costs and energy consumption. Antimony ore normally completed on hand-picked belt equipment, also can be in the pit or at mine mouth.

2. Gravity separation

   Gravity separation is apply to most of antimony ore beneficiation, because antimony ore belongs to high density & coarse minerals, and easy to separate from gangue. In short, whether it is a single sulfide antimony ore or sulfide - oxide mixed antimony ore, both has better gravity separation conditions. Gravity separation cost is low, can also get a large number of qualified coarse concentrate in the coarse particle size range, discarding large quantity waste rock, so antimony ore dressing plants are willing to adopt gravity separation method. Jigger is a key equipment for antimony ore gravity separation, and sometimes using shaking table.


3. Antimony ore flotation
   Flotation beneficiation is the antimony ore’ most important mineral processing way, sulfide antimony minerals are easy floating minerals, can improve ore grade by flotation method. Antimony oxide is difficult to float, mainly adopt gravity separation method.