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mineral processing production line
mineral processing production line
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Nickel ore concentration production line

Nickel ore concentration production line

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Nickel ore is mainly classified two types: sulfide copper-nickel ore and nickel oxide ore, beneficiation and processing methods of the two types are completely different.

Copper-nickel sulfide ore beneficiation methods. Flotation is primary, magnetic separation & gravity separation are usually as secondary beneficiation methods. When flotation, often add collecting agent and foaming agent. Basic principle is to avoid nickel enter into copper concentrates. Because of nickel in copper concentrates will suffer great loss in the smelting process.    


Copper-nickel ore flotation processing:

1)Selective flotation or part selective flotation: when copper content is much higher than  nickel content, can use this process, can get copper concentrates with lower nickel.

2)Bulk flotation: copper content lower than nickel content, copper-nickel mixed concentrates is directly smelted into nickel matte.
3) Bulk flotation-selective flotation: ore to copper-nickel concentrates  to   low nickel copper concentrate & copper nickel concentrate to   nickel matte, then  flotation separation.
4)Bulk flotation-selective flotation: recover nickel from tailings.

Copper is harmful impurities in the nickel smelting, copper grade has industrial recovery value, copper-nickel separation is an important topic in copper-nickel ore dressing. Copper-nickel separation technology is divided into mixed concentrates separation and high nickel matte separation two types. Typically, the former is suitable for coarse particle size copper-nickel minerals; the latter is suitable for fine granularity copper-nickel minerals.

The main processing method for copper-nickel sulfide ore is pyrometallurgy. 

The nickel oxide ore dressing normally removing weak weathering & low nickel-containing chunks of bedrock in advance after crushing, screening. Nickel in oxide nickel ore is often dispersed in the gangue minerals, and the granularity is very fine, therefore cannot be enriched by mechanical beneficiation methods, only direct smelting.

Nickel oxide ore smelting & beneficiation methods can be divided into fire and wet two categories.