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mineral processing production line
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Titanium Concentrate Ore

Titanium Concentrate Ore

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Titanium Concentrate Ore 

Titanium Mineral Processing Equipment Flow Chart

The retrieving of titanium mineral is processed in the magnetic separation tailings after the iron ore concentration is over. There are 4 ways to dress Titanium mineral, that is, gravity separation, magnetic concentration, electric separation and flotation process. According to the difference of ore properties, adopting appropriate ore dressing method consists of different technological process. At present, the main ore dressing procedure in the industry are as follows:


1)Gravity separation-Electric separation Procedure

The G-e separation procedure feature is to adopt gravity separation for ore roughing and electric separation for ore cleaning. Gravity separation mainly takes spiral concentrator (including spiral chute) as main equipment, secondly, uses table concentrator. At present, adopting separating cone to do gravity separation work have been developed into industrial experimental phase, however, up to now, this way still not formally put into production. The purpose in gravity separation for ore roughing is to discard the low density gangue, to obtain rough concentrate for electric separation.

Electric separation adopts Kun type electric slot, its purpose is to collect rough concentrate, reach final concentrate standard. For the sulfur-bearing ore, we usually adopt flotation as desulfidation’s assistant technics between roughing and cleaning.


2)Gravity separation-Magnetic concentration-Flotation Process Procedure

The G-M-F concentration procedure feature is to classify the Titanium raw ore firstly, coarse fraction use gravity separation for roughing, magnetic concentration for cleaning; fine fraction adopt flotation process. Gravity separation use table concentrator, magnetic concentration is dry magnetic separator. Separating size by flotation process normally is 0.074mm; flotation machine can be used having sulphuric acid, sodium fluoride, oleic acid, diesel oil, and pine oil etc.

3)Single Flotation Process Procedure

The single flotation process is an effective way to separate smitham embedded Titanium ore lode. Its process technics is simple, operation and management is convenient, however, medicament consumption will increase the cost, tailing launder can bring environmental protection simultaneously, all these factors decided that the single flotation process can not be widely used. Titanium flotation process used flotation machine have sulphuric acid, tall oil, diesel oil, emulsifier et-oxolp-19, etc. in order to improve flotation process efficiency, high concentration selecting ore stirred for a long time before feed into flotation machine has a certain help for the flotation process.