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mineral processing production line
mineral processing production line
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Copper Ore Production Line

Copper Ore Production Line

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 Common methods of Copper ore processing 

At present, we always use flotation method, magnetic method, gravity separation method, pyrometallurgy and hydrometallurgy method to select copper ore.

Brief introduction of copper ore selecting
Generally, we adopt simple process in  extracting copper ore, after grinding for a period of time, the mesh fineness-200 contain about 50% ~ 70%,  1 time of rough selecting , 2 or 3 times refine selecting, 1or 2 times Tailings Scavenging. If the particle size of the copper ore content is too relatively very small, we can consider to use stage grinding selecting process.

 Copper Ore Production Line

  Bornite picture

When dealing with bornite, most factories adopt the stage grinding selecting process, namely they grind the rough concentrate ore at first and then finely select it.

After a period of coarse grinding, rougher flotation and tailings scavenging, then grind the rough concentrate again and select again to get high grade copper concentrate and sulphur concentrate. Coarse grinding fineness-200 mesh contains about 45% ~ 50%,  second grinding fineness-200 mesh contains about 90% ~ 95%.


Dense copper ore always contain  chalcopyrite and pyrite, pyrite  is often activated by  secondary copper content, pyrite content is always

higher and it is difficult to restrain, thus makes selecting process difficult. In the selecting process, we get both copper concentrate and sulfur concentrate.


Usually, the tailings after copper selecting is sulfur concentrate. If the gangue minerals content exceeds 20% ~ 25%, we need secondary separating to get get sulfur concentrate. When dealing with dense copper ore, we often use two part grinding or stage grinding, grinding fineness requirement is more strictly. Reagent usage is much bigger also, xanthate is 100 g / (t undressed ore) above, lime 8 ~ 10 kg (t raw ore) above.

Copper Ore Production Line

Make suitable production line according to local copper ore environment

According to the diversity of the copper ore, we can choose re-election against re-election, flotation reverse flotation method and many other kinds of processing methods. SX Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd can make the most suitable production line according to your local ore environment